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Single-Unit Recovery

Single-Unit Recovery

Model: Single-Unit Recovery | HS - 0999
Produce: KOREA
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  • A solvent recovery dryer is all in one recycling machine that has feature of condenser and cooling system for the emission of volatile organic compound (VOS) in the atmosphere.
  • Applied the hydrocarbon machine that we exporting to U.S.A with same method of cooling system for the safety and excellent durability to fulfill our mission.
  • Freezing device has excellent durability of water cooling system that effects no temperature change in all seasons.
  • Compared with air cooling system, it gives simple installation and not provide heat to the interior so it can maintain a healthy environment.
  • With full sealed structure it lets a source way to block the toxic substance and textile Party to protect business owner’s health.
  • We are very proud of our perfect safety device.
  • It equipped with static suppressing device
    (Auto steam injection) explosion stability device.(Auto relief damper system) and auto humidity support, auto pressure-resistant discharge system, and interior of high and low voltage pressure sensors, built in condensing pressure of control sensor pressure, ETL APPROVED in USA for safety and dependability smartly designed for maximum performance and efficiency of recovery drying machine.


MODEL HS-0999(22kg)
system Installation - (One-unit type)
Recovery - (Airtight rotary type)
Refrigeration - R-404A
Compressor - 2.2/3
Capacity cooling kcal/h(R/T) 9,000[3.0R/T]
Drying capacity kg/Ibs 20/45
Recovery % 95% ~
Piping dimensions Solvent mm 12
Water drainage mm 15
Drain mm 15
External form Product W×H×D(mm) 880×1,170×1,800
Basket Φ×D(mm) 800×700
Weight kg/Ibs 400/882
Electric Power Supply Φ/volt.Hz 3Φ,380v,60Hz
Power kw 3.0
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