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Box Dryer

Box Dryer

 Model: Box Dryer | HS - 2012
 Produce: KOREA
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  • Clothes which are very hard to preserve and dry can be dried perfectly.
  • It is a next generation dryer because ironing process is performed by a direct spraying system without rotary process.
  • BOX Dryer as a cabinet type dries laundry by hanging clothes to be washed on hanger and also provide with perfect dryness by proper temp. and basic ironing effet.
  • Due to use of Special Radiator and Fan giving much amount of wind, the time for dryness is shortened over 35% compared to existing dryer and excellent in energy saving.
  • As humid steam is sprayed directly to clothes in the process of dryness, there's little wrinkle and so ironing process is simplified after dryness, it realizes high work efficiency.
  • BOX Dryer makes you experience double effect when washing by water and drying the easil wrinkly clothes.
  • It guarantees safe dryness of clothes which has fragile accessories.
  • Due to feature of Wet Cleaning[Aqua washing] clothes, rotaty dryness system causes damage to clothes and so use of dryness system close to natural dryness is a optimal system.


MODEL unit HS-2012
Capacity pcs 12
Voltage volt/Hz 3ΦAC220v or 380v/60Hz
Fan Motor HP 1
Steam in mm/inch 15/½
Steam out mm/inch 15
Steam Consumption Kg/h 4~6,57~87
Rec.Steam Pressure Kg/㎠,psi 300/11,811
Exterior L.W.H(mm) 910×1,000×1,850
Power Kw/h 0.8
Weight Kg/Ibs 120/264
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