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New Dryer (16~22kg)

New Dryer (16~22kg)

 Model: New Dryer (16~22kg) | HS - 9403
 Produce: KOREA
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  • Drum which was processed and treated with stainless has no any chemical corrosion of erosion, there's no any contamination or damage to articles to be dried, and treatment of dryness is clean.
  • Due to its thermodynamic structure of design, its excellent thermal efficiency and strong air exhaust system make drying treatment possible in a short time shich maximizes work effect and energy saving and so saves upkeep cost.
  • As corrupt humid air being occurred in dryness is exhausted cleanly by high density filter, it keeps cleanly surrounding environment.
  • Strong air exhaust fan cleanly removes even minute dust which was contained in colth and so can't be easily seen and so keep user's health.


MODEL unit HS-9403
Capacity Kg/Ibs 16/37 22/52
Drum Diameter mm/inch 800/32 800/32
Depth mm/inch 570/22.5 700/28
Motor/pole mm/inch 15,15/½,½ 15,15/½,½
Drum Motor/Pole HP/Kw/Pole 0.5/0.4/4 0.5/0.4/4
Fan Motor/Pole HP/Kw/Pole 0.5/0.4/4/ 0.5/0.4/4
Exhaust pipe mm/inch 125/5 125/5
Exterior L.W.H(mm) 870×1,090×1,590 870×1,190×1,590
Power(Steam Dryer/Electric Dryer) Volt/Hz/Kw 220v or 380v 
220v or 380v 
Weight Kg/Ibs 260/572 305/671
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