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New Career

New Career

 Model: HSD300 New Career
 Produce: KOREA
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  • Artificial intelligence most advanced PLC program, equipped 7 inch color touch screen for easily recognizable progress of washing.(Option)
  • We have built the same good system of Great successful products as well known in U.S.A "Genesis hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine in new carrier 30kg for our customers to Explore the difference of plan your cleaning system with own control.
  • Dipping cleaning can be easily to do it with high performance auto-dosing detergent system.
  • It automatically informs when it’s time to replace the high-tech self diagnostic system filter installation.
  • It opens you up with the ten various programs as basic offer for customer selection.
  • Three way special valve system gives no sludge come into the Tanks with that always maintain pure oil stays in.
  • Inner tanks cooling system has applied- it operate to prevent temperature rise of cleaning solvent so it can maintain the best Temperature at that time (when it is time for outside cooling system installation).
  • The world’s first washing machine with LED lamp attached at the door system is allowing the customer to over view the status of cleaning to minimize the skin inflammation by textile dye.


(MODEL) (unit) New Career 30Kg (HSD300)
Capacity kg/lbs 30/65
Basket Diameter mm/inch 970/38.2
Depth mm/inch 530/21.7

Wash R.P.M 20~50
Extract R.P.M 400~800
Motor/pole HP/Kw/Pole 7/5.5/4
Inverter HP/Kw 10/7.5
PumpCapacity ℓ/gallon 180/47.5
Tank Capacity ℓ/gallon 350/92
Exterior L.W.H(mm) 1,750*1,390*1,810
Voltage / Power Volt,Kw/h 380v/60Hz/6kw
Weight Kg/lbs 1,300/2,860
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