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Light 2 Tank

Light 2 Tank

 Model: HS - 9425 Light 2 Tank
 Produce: KOREA
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  • You can experience the effect of two washing machines through only one machine.
  • Perfectly separated washing of laundry with white and color fabrics.
  • Due to fully separated two tanks, mixed oil is never generated.
  • We are born again to design with urban sense and reduced size of appearance.
  • Dry Cleaning Washing Program is the first commonly developed product with a technician in washing field.
  • Due to built-in auto soap-inputting device, convenience and washing effect are doubled(Option)
  • As each piping line of tank and filter device are perfectly separated and manufactured by 2 sets and then built-in into one machine, it has the best dfficiency.
  • When exchanging filter cleaning tank, as the function of discharging solvent to the outside is added, it is more convenient.
  • Minimum setting-up space and good interior design will guarantee beautiful space for your shop.
  • What is Arrangement Washing? 
    Due to proper solvent and soap ditect-putting system in washing process, it is a solvent-shutting type washing system which simplifies pre-processing and doubles washing effect of clothes difficult to wash.


Model Unit Hs-9425 Hs-9425
Capacity kg/lbs 15/35 20/45
Basket Diameter mm/inch 660/26 800/28.3
Depth mm/inch 420/16.5 470/16.5
R.P.M Wash R.P.M 20~50 20~50
Extract R.P.M 400~820 400~820
Motor/pde Hp/Kw/Pole 2/1.5/4 5/3.7/4
Exterior Hp/kw 3/2.2 5/3.7
Pump Capacity(min) ℓ/gallon 100/26.4 180/47.5
Exterior L.W.H(mm) 1,440×1,020×1,590 1,440×1,070×1,590
Voltage/Power volt/Hz, kw 220V/60Hz,2 220V/60Hz,2.5
Weight kg/lbs 790/1,738 890/1,958
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