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Legger Press

Legger Press

 Model: Legger Press | HS - 2007
 Produce: KOREA
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  • Rear descent of Upper Head makes post treatment convenient and work efficient effective.
  • Due to large size manometer which was fit to the top of upper head, you can feel pressure and briskness of pressing.
  • As Forenta pure honest goods were imported and used for Press Pad you can experience the Best ironing.
  • As up/down head was precisely designed, and processed and manufactured by up-to-data laser, it Is correct without any error and perfect pressing provides you with pleasure.
  • Insertion of 2nd pressurization process into pressing starts a revolution of ironing.
  • Our own developed Special Oil Shock Absorber guarantees fast advance, back moving and descent besides soft motion.
  • As the 1/2 saving function of puff function and steam was embedded, you can feel both convenience and economical efficiency.
  • Due to built-in vacuum device, use of space is easy and the surroundings are clean.


MODEL 단위(UNIT) 레거프레스
Voltage volt/Hz 380v/60Hz
Fan Motor W 650w
Steam Pressure Kg/㎠,psi 4~5,57~71
Steam Capacity Kg/h 20
Steam in,out mm/inch 15,15/½,½
Air Pressure/Φmm Kg/㎠,Φmm,psi 4~6,10,57~87
Exterior L.W.H(mm) 1,030×1,200×1,370
Power Kw/h 0.8
Weight Kg/Ibs 250/551
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