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MÁY LÀ Vacuum Board HS-2009

MÁY LÀ Vacuum Board HS-2009

 Model: HS-2009
 Xuất xứ: Hwasung - Hàn Quốc
Hãng sản xuất: Nhập khẩu Nguyên Bộ
Giá bán: Liên Hệ
 VAT: 10%
Đơn vị tính: Hệ thống

Giá tham khảo: Liên hệ

Giới thiệu Tính năng

  • As it is designed as an accepting-type one-unit structure without using separately ironing board, it is convenient(Option 1: Puff function, Option 2 : ironing board device)
  • As it is designed as modern and urban design, the interior effect of working space was increased.
  • As folding ironing board after using it automatically intercepts its function and so the efficiency of
  • runction and unnecessary loss of energy can be minimizedm it is a energy-saving type machine of new concept.
  • When using ironing board, vacuum can be used only for ironing voard under use.
  • As simple operating the footing switch forms strong vacuum of levelling plate, you can more easily prepare for ironing clothes and as you can complete one-stop ironing as the same state as preparedm even beginner an iron just as good as an expert.
  • New materials(excellent in air permeability, restoring forcem and durability) with high function and durability were used for cushion pad inside ironing board, the burden of maintenance cos was minimized.

Thông số


Nhãn hiệu  HWASUNG 
Xuất xứ Hàn Quốc
Điện áp ( volt/ Hz)  220V/60Hz
Động cơ quạt ( W) 495
Áp suất hơi nước (Kg/ cm2, psi)  4-5,57-71
Coông suất hơi nước  ( Kg/h) 10
Hơi vào, ra ( mm/ inch) 15,15/ 1/2, 1/2
Kích thước L*W*H (mm) 1400x900x1135
Điện năng  (Kw/h ) 0.5
Trọng lượng (Kg/lbs) 90/198
Nhập khẩu nguyên chiếc từ  Hàn Quốc


Voltage volt/Hz 220v/60Hz
Fan Motor W 495w
Steam Pressure Kg/㎠,psi 4~5,57~71
Steam Capacity Kg/h 10
Steam in,out mm/inch 15,15/½,½
Exterior L.W.H(mm) 1,400×900×1,135
Power Kw/h 0.5
Weight Kg/Ibs 90/198

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