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Human Body Press

Human Body Press

 Model: Human Body Press | HS - 8790
 Produce: KOREA
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  • Due to strong steam spraying and simple program, everyone can easily iron.
  • As its exterior was manufactured as stainless, durability is very strong.
  • Due to 3-step auto program, it can be easily operated according to cloth.
  • Due to use of large rediatorm it generates high heats and so perfect ironing is possible within a short time.
  • Specially manufactured steam spraying device guarantees no generation of water in the process of pressing.
  • As steam line and radiator wer made of copper tube, it has advantage of excellent durability.
  • Even female dress like blouse, one-piece dress, etc. Which are ahrd to iron can be easily ironed.


형식(MODEL) 단위(UNIT) HS-8790
Voltage volt/Hz 110v or 220v/60Hz
Fan Motor W 500w
Steam in mm/inch 15/½
Steam out mm/inch 15/½
Rec.Steam Pressure Kg/㎠,psi 4~5,57~71
Steam Consumption Kg/h 15
Exterior Width 장(mm)/inch 1,010/40
Depth 폭(mm)/inch 500/20
Height 고(mm)/inch 1,650/65
Power Kw/h 0.5
Weight Kg/Ibs 85/130
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