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New Cleanness

New Cleanness

 Model: New Cleanness washing machine | HS - 2004 -1
 Produce: KOREA
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  • Washing machine only for clean room which was created by our own best technology is without a peer in comparison to foreign equipment.
  • New Cleanness Washing Machine with Drum-type structure perfectly improved high measure of capacity and inconvenience of discharge hole of existing cleanness washing machine.
  • Due to use of STS 316L stainless, it controls chemical reaction of ultrapure water.
  • By adoption of up-to-date PLC and touch screen system, program up-grade is possible in real-time and so realization of programs only for user is possible.
  • Due to built-in sensor to control laundry input hole location, input of laundry is more convenient.
  • Sensing of safety sensor on operating part and built-in D/C brake device was considered for your safety.
  • Ot guarantees decrease of the number of particles and clean washing.


MODEL unit HS-2004-1
Capacity Kg/Ibs 30/65 50/110 70/155
Basket Diameter mm/inch 870/34.3 960/37.3 1,110/43.7
Depth mm/inch 500/19.7 650/25 700/27.6
R.P.M Wash R.P.M 12~58 12~58 12~8
Extract R.P.M 400~800 400~800 350~750
Capacity ℓ/gallon 297/78.5 470/124.2 677/179
D.I/Water,Water,Steam,Drain mm 25,25,20,65 25,25,20,75 32,32,20,100
Motor/Pole HP/Kw/Pole 7.5/5.5/4 10/7.5/4 20/15/4
Motor/Pole/inverter HP/Kw 10/7.5 15/11 20/15
Door device
Air door
lock system

Material quality
of lower part

Housing SS41 SS41 SS41
Shock absorber   Air Spring,
Oil absorber
Air Spring,
Oil absorber
Air Spring,
Oil absorber
Drum material 
quality of
inside and outside
  SUS316L*ss41 SUS316L*ss41 SUS316L*ss41
Air Pressure/Φmm Kg/㎠,psi 4~6,57~87 4~6,57~87 4~6,57~87
L.W.H(mm) 1,400×1,430
Volt/Hz/Kw 3Φ220v or
3Φ220v or
3Φ220v or
Weight Kg/Ibs ,300/2,860 1,800/3,960 2,250/4,950
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