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Hwasung Cleantech ALPL&PAROS industrial laundary,

Hwasung Cleantech ALPL&PAROS industrial laundary- manufactured by US technology, manufacturing and installation in Korea (KOREA) are imported and distribited officially in Viet Nam by TheOne jsc– Vietnam.


Nowadays, the laundry rooms need equipping with  flexibility and reliability cleaning equipment and  bring perfect  cleaning product after washing. Systems Laundry Equipment industry Hwasung Cleantech  ALPS & PAROS industrial laundary equipments is designed to meet this characteristics. ALPS Cleantech & Paros has developed a system washer extractor and dryer in harmony to meet all the basic elements.


Cleaning system is designed with many different programs. Washer extractor and dryer have many  available setting programs  and programs installed by customer’s options.


Korea Industrial Laundry Equipment


 Hwasung Cleantech APLS & PAROS Industrial Laundry Equipment combines the flexibility of the cycle with the water temperature to suit each washing fabrics while using chemicals in an efficient manner.The dryer  prevent  sacttered status by reverse system in the drying process. All the blankets, cushions and other laundries are dried evenly .With Hwasung ALPS Cleantech & Paros Industrial Laundry Equipment, we always believed that our washer extractor and dryer have good quality during long-term use. We are willing to warranty within 1 year after installation to demonstrate that.


Hwasung Cleantech Paros  industrial washing machine- 

high capacity industrial laundary equipment


Hwasung cleantech ALPS industrial washing machine-

Small and medium capacity industrial laundary equipment

Different speed of washing and extracting

Washer extractor with different speed  of washing and extracting is the most advanced which may manage motor  capacity and the instruction correctly. Many cleaning speeds gives users maximum flexibility. The mode of extracotr is the best choice for different types of fabric: from the hardest laundry to the soft  laundry . You can select the mode for the soft and light cleaning products: blankets, tablecloths and soft items. The speeds of extractor help to achieve the highest efficiency, water conservation and time of extractor; therefore you can save money.


The modes of extractor include: use for the soft  light cloth; 80 G forces for regular towels. The largest extractor capacity could reach 140 G with the cushions, blankets, towels, linens and other hard linens. The saving of water and drying time will help you reduce cost up to 14%.

The large opening level of door

The large opening level of door help the laundry put in and out easily and quickly. The structure of stainless steel door with extraction fan tied door don’t leak water out. The structure of tempered glass and unbroken help the operator can see laundry inside.

Outstanding utility

The front door and the above one are designed detachably to reduce the time and ease for maintenance. The handling and repairing ofelectrical systems approach to the exhaust valve is easy.


The structure of  stainless steel stage

The framework A suffering high load makes the machine be durable even in the worst conditions, improve the lifespan of the machine.


Framework of washing machine


Automatically  chemical pumping system

Automatically chemical pumping system of the washing machine automatically reduces the waste of washing power and makes cleaning quality more stablely. The mixing chemical drawer  ia able to self-clean and divided into many drawers for the processes: before washing, main washing and fabric softener of the final period. In addition, the power for  pumping systems of chemicals and cleaning cage are located at the back of the machine to connect to the  chemicals system easily .


Transmission Parts


Designed to withstand the worst usage conditions, transmission parts of high power are airtighted hermetically and don’t need  frequent oiling.



Description: Truyền động máy giặt  

Bi and transmission of washing machines




Microprocessor control panel offers many special features, makes the laundry room have the most convenient operational condition . The control panel consists of several programs, including  preset programs and 10 automatical programs. You can delete or change one or all of the programs to meet the flexibile requirements of customers. The program was set up including 3 water levels, temperature control, self-cooling, temperature (80 to 190 F/27 to 88 ° C) are available with automatic heating systems, automatically chemical injection time change, exreactor time.

The processor is designed efficiently to save time including signals of  the end  process, temperature readings, show the remaining time of process and  report the operating process.

Heating system

Cleantech ALPS & Paros also offers electric heating systems and steam to maintain the temperature of washing.

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